Constantine 's Way Of Christianity Essay

Constantine 's Way Of Christianity Essay

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Constantine’s way to Christianity
Constantine was one of the most famous rulers in Rome; he became an emperor in the early fourth century. Most people also known him as the “Constantine The Great”, he was also known for introducing the religion Christianity to Rome. Constantine was born on February 27th around 272; his birthplace was the town of Naissus in the Roman province of Illyria. His parents were Flavius Constantine and his wife Helena. Constantine was their only child; his parents loved him very much. His father was considered a peasant, he did not have much to provide. His mother Helena was very beautiful and hated by many’ there was rumor that she was a prostitute but it was not confirmed. A few years later he became an army officers and also divorced Constantine 's mother to marry the daughter of his commanding officer. When Constantine was six years old, his father received a promotion to become the governor of Dalmatia; that led them to live a very wealthy lifestyle. When his father died, at young age his mind was set to become a ruler. Throughout his journey of becoming ruler, he defeated his enemy, Maxentius, captured Rome and was named the next emperor. The Emperor Constantine was in responsible for two significant events that has become a great part of history, which is the founding of Constantinople as the Roman capital and the conversion of the Roman Empire to Christianity. Constantine connects with Christianity by being the first emperor to practice this religion, ending persecution of Christians, and creating the city of Constantinople.
Constantine strongly believed that Christians had equal rights just as the pagans. He did not want Christians to get punished for practicing their religion. His mother, He...

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...ess on May 22nd AD 337. His body was sent to Constantinople, where he was place in a mausoleum that he built for himself in the center of the city. He died a Christian because he was already baptized, but he wanted to be buried as a Roma Emperor. Constantine had a very wealthy live; he was responsible for two events that changed history. He is the reason why Christian is the man religion in Rome. He also had a lot of success is his lifetime; he created a whole new city that is a huge part of Rome. Constantine was known as “Constantine The Great” because he adopted the Christian Religion, he made it national all over the Roman Empire. Constantine connects to Chritianity because he made many people realize that it was okay to practice another religion that is not pagan. Most people did not even take him seriously, but Constantine remained Christian until he died.

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