Essay on Conforming Beauty: Media Should Use Realistic Models

Essay on Conforming Beauty: Media Should Use Realistic Models

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Ever since World War II, the media has used models that become increasingly thinner and thinner over time. Teens and even young children see these women, who are beautiful by the modern standards, as role models and therefore look up to them. Children as young as five aspire to be like the women and models that they see in the media. Teens and young children see the style of clothing that is modeled on the models in today’s society and are then lead to believe that in order to look and feel good in certain clothes that they must look a certain way.
The media exposes us only to the after math of their models, something that teens are too young to realize. The media does not tell us that their models are perfectly airbrushed so that their tummies appear thin and trimmed, or that their blemishes are covered up, or even that their facial features are enhanced. Viewers do not realize that they are looking at much of what is unrealistic and unnatural beauty. Because of this, teens then go to whatever measures they can in order to look like what is portrayed to them on T.V. Eating disorders due to the media can now start at the age as young as five. When will America wake up?
The media should use realistic models, models that fit the average weight and appearance, not ones who are skinnier than many would be able to achieve. Models should be used in order to build teens and young children up, teaching them that everyone is beautiful despite any of the differences that they may have. Instead, media is only teaching these kids that in order to be considered beautiful you must look a certain way or fit certain standards.
Many people may think that it is normal for young girls to feel self-conscious about themselves, but does that make it...

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