There are Things which cannot Be Taught

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Summary of the article “Monster” by Anna Quindlen
The article “Monsters” is written by a brilliant writer: Anna Quindlen. It tells us about the children’s fears and the parents behavior, which should always be aimed to help the child to overcome his /her fear. The author starts with a description of a night house and it’s gloomy atmosphere, especially for a little child. The little boy tells his mother that he believes a monster to live under his bad. His mother is ready to tell him about her own fears, but she stops herself. Anna Quindlen describes the appearance of the monster, and the mother realizes that she has to tell her son that there is no monster. However, she knows that it wouldn’t be helpful, because, when she will leave the room the monster will appear again. She never lied to her children, thus, it was really a trial for her to tell her children that the monster didn’t exist. It is also hard for her, because she realizes that her son will, even more strongly, believe in monsters in future, as she does now. Because the real life monsters are everywhere, and their existence cannot be denied. In real life we can see the burglars, killers and other monsters every day. Mother decides not to teach her son, how to personalize his monster, she just leaves him alone. The woman believes that there are some things, which cannot be taught, but only learned on the child’s personal experience.

There are Things which cannot Be Taught
Everybody has some fears, because our fear is as natural as our feeling of sadness or happiness. But, I think, that nobody cannot deny that fear is an emotion, which cannot be pleasant. Children are born, free, and, thus without any fears, However, we all know that children are the ones tha...

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...s so shinning, that I forgot all my fears. When my mom came back I was full of pride, and introduced my new friend to her.
It was really a scary experience for me, but since then I never judge people, according to their appearance. From theta time on, I’ve understood that the real treasure is the person’s inner world, and character. Of course, when I was a child I couldn’t fully understand it. But, now I do, and I use this principle almost every day in my life. Before that accident, mother always told me that the appearance doesn’t matter, but I fully understood it only, when learned it on my own practice. So, I fully agree with Anna Quindlen, that there are things, which person should learn by his / her own. I hope that in future I will be a good parent. However, I will always remember that a really good lesson is the one that can be leaned on personal experience.
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