Essay on Computer Software And Hardware Systems

Essay on Computer Software And Hardware Systems

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Technology development has induced different aspects that are used in computer software and hardware systems. The major consideration is achievement of the users’ safety and preventing their private information from being accessed by the third party. The criminals seek to get the passwords to the vital information and hence through the developed computer system development and technology, they have been using their expertise in vandalizing people’s accounts. It is advisable for the users to have different strong password that defines their accounts in order to protect their privacy (Kangas, 2003). The paper seeks to elaborate more on the application of the information technology skills in accessing private information and seeking solution through development of appropriate policies governing the networking system.
How have computers changed the ways in which we have to keep certain information private?
Computer has really changed the configuration of storing private information whereby cryptography is used in cording the passwords. The major consideration is how relevant information are stored and saved in different formats. The achievement of the technology has enabled people to use the softcopy form of the information storage and developing some codes that are used as protection tool. The process and approach used in the private information storage, the need of having strong codes as private password is essential to prevent from criminal activities and conspiracy (Hussain & Hussain, 2012). Therefore, it is advisable to ensure the natures of the codes used are not accessible by the second person for privacy purpose.
The computer software and hardware has been changed according to the technology advancement and how people are ha...

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...n people using internet especially in public places are not vandalized to get into the criminals trap.
In conclusion, coding is essential part in the computer software that helps in protection of private information. The major concerns are directed to the technology development and how people respond to the public network. The username is essential too as the hackers and criminal tend to use them to identify the nature of the information they are after. Therefore, users are supposed to avoid using similar password in all accounts especially those have similar username. Another approach is where companies using similar smartcards and using different set of the numbers as the code to the accounts. The hackers are always interested with knowing the set of numbers identifying the username of the person to get to their private information from their personal accounts.

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