Computer Evolution Evidenced in the essays "Toward An Intelligence Beyond Man’s" by Robert Jastrow and "The AI Revolution Is On" by Steven Levy

Computer Evolution Evidenced in the essays "Toward An Intelligence Beyond Man’s" by Robert Jastrow and "The AI Revolution Is On" by Steven Levy

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In the essay "Toward An Intelligence Beyond Man’s" by Robert Jastrow, the author showed his view on computer intelligence and predicted that computer intelligence will be a new kind of evolution. Jastrow stateed that computer nowadays is as intelligent as human brain; they can communicate with human, learn from experience, and raise logical questions. The more complex the computer, the better they imitate human. He predicted that computer will as important as life in future years. Then, Jastrow used the example of Arthur Samuel and IBM computer to show computers can learn faster through motivation, even they do not have emotions and drives as human do. He also points out that computer and human brain share some characteristics; they both freeze out when handle too many tasks, and they outclass fast decisions under a crisis. Jastrow said even human still have the control power, computers learn much faster than humans’ intelligence. Then, in an ultimate situation, computers and human w ill become partners; they completely depends on each other to survive. However, Jastrow thought this partnership will not stay long; as computer will become more and more clever , but human evolution of intelligence is almost finished. He suggested that computer will be the new kind of intelligence which surpass human, as a new evolution of life. He said the history had proved it takes a million year for human evolution. It took less time , compare to a billion years of evolution from worm to human. By the incredibly fast rate of technology improvement, Jastrow thought computer will evolve in a much shorter period of time.
In the essay "The AI Revolution Is On" by Steven Levy, the author stated how new vision of computer intelligence are differ ...

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... in 21th century, and it might already dominate humans’ life. Jastrow predicted computer will be part of human society in the future, and Levy’s real life examples matched Jastrow’s prediction. The computer intelligence that Jastrow mentioned was about imitated human brain and reasoning mechanism. However, according to Levy, computer intelligence nowadays is about developing AI’s own reasoning pattern and handling complicated task from data sets and algorithms, which is nothing like human. From Levy’s view on today’s version of AI technology, Jastrow’s prediction about AI evolution is not going to happen. As computer intelligence does not aim to recreate a human brain, the whole idea of computer substitutes human does not exist. Also, Levy said it is irrelevant to fear AI may control human, as people in today’s society cannot live without computer intelligence.

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