Rhetorical Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid

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Rhetorical Analysis: “Is Google Making Us Stupid”
In composing “Is Google Making Us More Stupid” Nicholas Carr wants his audience to be feared by the internet while at the same time he wants his work to seem more creditable. Nicholas Carr uses many different types of evidence to show us that we should be scared and feared as well as his credibility. Carr’s audience is people who think like him, who find themselves getting lost on the internet while reading something, someone who is educated and uses the internet to look up the answers to questions or to read an article or book.
From the beginning of Carr’s article he explains that the internet itself is making “us” more stupid. Carr talks about how his mind has changed over the years because
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It says that Socrates feared that people are relying more on written words than using their memory. He believes that if you don’t exercise your memory, then you can become more forgetful. Carr also believes this to be true because we are using the internet to look up answers for us and not doing the research to find it ourselves. We’re not relying on our memory to remember what we read we’re just looking for the answers.
People who have a higher college education are affected by Carr’s choice to use his colleagues and peers also, his example on Plato’s Phaedrus. This is because his colleagues also have an education and if they are feeling this way then, they are more relatable. Another reason is because an uneducated person would probably not know of Plato’s Phaedrus. The people who are most likely to be influenced are people who find themselves relatable to these things. To sum up his article, Carr mentions the scientist at Google who is trying to make an artificial intelligence for us to use our brains. He wants us to feel scared and be frightened because with an artificial intelligence in us we will be more like computers. Not being able to think on our own, but instead our brains will be running like a
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