Computer End Point Protection: Anti-Viruses Essay

Computer End Point Protection: Anti-Viruses Essay

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The area of focus for this paper is End Point Protection—specifically Anti-Viruses. End Point Protection products offer features whose main goal the protection is of electronic device such as PC, smartphones, tablets, etc. Every vendor tries to create their product to be strong, fast, simple and affordable as well as have a depth of features that don’t complicate the system. It is critical for a solution to be strong, fast, and an efficient defense against malicious threats on every device because why would a user buy a product that doesn’t protect their information? End Point Protection is important because it defends users against harmful attacks that could wreak havoc and create millions upon billions of dollars in damage. Large companies don’t want to take that risk so they look for a product from a vendor that is affordable yet displays high-performance and effectiveness. A product that can lighten the load on their own IT risk and security teams and protect them against malicious menaces across the world. It is imperative that endpoint security anti-virus software incorporate components such as strong firewall, HIPS, secure keyboard and network access control in order to be effective.
Over the years, vendors try to improve their software’s functions with new releases and timely updates. Every day is spent on programmers and engineers and other analysts working on ways to fix reported bugs, make it more user friendly and most importantly; catch more malware and new threats. Just like how the computer is rapidly evolving, threats too, are also evolving and with threats growing more security measures need to be taken. Anti-Virus programs have come a long way, before there was no need to worry about stealthy Advanced Persistent ...

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