The Importance Of Computer Security

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Introduction What is computer security? In our digital world computers a stuff of can’t be replaced. Computers in addition to assist we keep our important data in computers and also can assist we constant innovation. However, there are many criminals while utilize it for make criminal cases. Such as, theft other people bank account so that theft other people money on their bank account and utilize network for deceit other people’s private information. Therefore, we need computer security for prevent these criminal cases. Computer security is information security applied network and computers. This is because, computer security can help our private information will not be leak so that criminals could not take advantages of us. Furthermore, computer security is software applied in computers and World Wide Web when we want to access web site in World Wide Web we will get variety of viruses. This is because, viruses will damage our important data in computers that cause we could not work smoothly. Besides that, computer security also is our finance protector. This is because, many criminals cases also regarding bank account be stolen. So we need by way of computer security to safeguard our will not get pecuniary loss. What is important for computer security? Computer security is most important on our digital world. This is because, many times computer and network security is not thought about until the problem appear. At this time, the vulnerability could cause huge problems and establishment of a safety plan and emergency plans. If like this you can know your computer and the information stored in the network is secure. Besides that, despite your precautions. It is always possible that your system will be destroyed. Question 1:... ... middle of paper ... ... information so don’t use the link even the sender looks like came from a bank. This is because when you use the link your personal information to be stolen so you just don’t answer and ignore it. Enable to firewall in your computer • Although an anti-virus software can prevent viruses in your computer but also you also need to enable firewall in your computer. This is because firewall also important for keeping networked computers safe and secure. All computer should be deserve of a firewall regardless a big organization, personal computer even a sales man use their laptop to connect internet in coffee shop. Conclusion of computer security Computer are getting important in the world because future will be replaced by computer. So I’m hope everyone can understand a knowledge of computer security and know how to prevent these problems in our digital world.
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