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Components of PCI Standards Essay

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I. Components of PCI standards
PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
(PCI DSS) is the base standard for merchants and card processors. It addresses security technology controls and processes for protecting cardholder data. Attaining compliance with PCI DSS can be tough, and can drastically impact your organization’s business processes, service, and technology architecture (Microsoft, 2009). PCI DSS version 1.2 is the most recent version of the standard, and takes the place of all previous versions of PCI DSS. The DSS standard is structured into the group of six principles and 12 requirements.
Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS)
(PA DSS) is the baseline for the software developers who commercially develop software for processing payment cards.
PIN Entry Device Security Requirements (PED)
(PED) is the standard for manufacturers of payment card devices used at the point of sale. It is mandatory by PCI DSS for software developers, merchants and card processors that they should use only approved devices compliant with PED (SearchFinancialSecurity, 2010).
II. Significance and Benefits of PCI
Following the PCI compliance guide lines and procedures can help business for maintaining their credibility. PCI compliance boosts the confidence through a high level of security standards. PCI compliance provides a health check for any business that stores or transmit customer information. Merchants who are PCI compliant are offered protection from the fines if you should happen to be breached (Eliason, 2008).
General Requirements for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
There are total six PCI data security standards and each one of them has its own implementation requirements (Practical eCommerce Staff, 2007...

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...d information from forwarding, copying, modifying, faxing and printing. It also prevents sensitive information from being copied with the windows print screen feature. Microsoft Security Assessment Tool is a free application that helps the organizations to access weaknesses in a working IT infrastructure. It exposes a prioritized list of issues and provides guidance to minimize those risks. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is an easy-to-use tool that identifies common security related risks in a number of Microsoft products including operating systems, explorer and office suite. It provides the details on missing security update patches. Keeping your systems up-to-date is a very important way to secure your IT infrastructure. Operation Manager 2007 can securely and effectively extract and collect the logs from operating systems running windows operating system.

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