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Compensation For Today 's Average Worker Essays

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Compensation for today 's average worker has always been a highly sensitive topic for any employer. Determining fair compensation can be a overbearing task as there are many contributing factors that make up the general pay scale. When determining pay a company must always consider the hourly amount, the benefits that may be offered, any incentive that could potentially be incurred and ensuring that their employee have an established work life balance. For an employer to be successful in determining compensation for their associate they must remain grounded around 1 key principle. An employees compensation is determined by expertise, education and the daily duties performed by the employee.
For an employer to higher for a salaried position they must look at the position being offered, the Laws surrounding a salaried position and why they are choosing a salary over an hourly wage. When reviewing job postings there is a clear correlation between requirements for a listed position and the offer of a salary over hourly pay rate. The first positions that was viewed was for a Journeyman: Heavy Duty technician for Sterling Westin Star. Secondly, a position for a Sr.. Parts co-coordinator was pulled from the same website. Finally via an overview of a Guest Services Manager position for Westin Hotels and resorts listed similar requirements for the 3 positions. Firstly, the positions did not list the number of hours that an employee would be scheduled to work. Job experience was mandatory in all 3 positions. "minimum 5 years experience in customer service, preferably in a heavy duty shop", Sterling Western Star, Careers,, Starwood listed similar ex...

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...wage. When reviewing an add for a sales associated at MGM ford there is no base wage listed, but that wage is determined by number of cars sold. A great benefit to these compensation scales is that the opportunity for larger income is determined by the amount of time put in. There is also the benefit of being able to create ones own schedule. A disadvantage to this compensation scale is that your income is never guaranteed and in many of these positions opportunity for growth is almost unavailable.
An employees compensation is determined by expertise, education and the daily duties performed by the employee. These are the key principals that all employers must focus on when determining compensation for any employee. Whether it be salaried, hourly, or any other form of compensation, all are equally valuable and has the ability to fit into any Canadians form of life.

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