Comparing Universal Healthcare System with the United States’ HMO System

Comparing Universal Healthcare System with the United States’ HMO System

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An American Healthcare Crisis Debate: Comparing Universal Healthcare System (a Canadian System) with the United States’ HMO (with emphasis on cost.)

Every single life on the surface of this earth has an equal right to existence. The life of an affluent American should not be worthier in the right to existence than that of a poor American. Neither should is the life of a bishop be more important than that of a Muslim child. Every life is sacred and equal. Without a healthy citizenry, no nation of people could fight enough to either demand for their freedom nor maintain the freedom that has been already gained. It is within that context that I declare that the right to an affordable healthcare is as sacrosanct as the right to be free, if not more! The president, Barack Hussein Obama, promised an affordable healthcare for all Americans during his run for the presidency. His promise to fix the healthcare crisis, inter alia , propelled his historic candidacy to the White House. The debate on the healthcare crisis has not waned following the election of president Obama. If anything, it has escalated in recent times in the media. Jumping into the fray of the political discourse in finding a solution to our healthcare crisis, it will be relevant to compare the healthcare systems of two developed countries that share a lot of similarities in their geography, their culture and their economic standing in the world. In comparing and contrasting the American and Canadian Healthcare Systems, I will explore the political ideologies involved, the historical context of the two systems, the performances of the two systems- vis-à-vis- which nation is healthier as a result of their adopted system, and which country is conservative in their ap...

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...orical context of the two systems, the performances of the two systems- vis-à-vis- which nation is healthier as a result of their adopted system, and which country is conservative in their approach to cost, ways of reducing healthcare cost in America, and lastly, I will recommend, based on my analysis, which system in my opinion would better serve the ideal American Healthcare solution.

Comparing both systems:

Political Ideologies in America

Canada v. U.S.: Historical Comparison and contrast

Systems and Performances
- Canada v. U.S.: Level of care received
- Canada v. U.S.: Coverage: how many are with or without
- Canada v. U.S.: Cost per capita: the economics of healthcare system
-Reasons for per-capita differential and solutions
-Drug and violent crimes and solution
-High pay rate for medical professionals and solution


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