Comparing the Works of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman Essay

Comparing the Works of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman Essay

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In both Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman’s works, they emphasize some differences in their writing. In Dickinson’s works she shows that her works are short and simple poems, while Whitman’s poems and often long and complex. With Dickinson showing that her works are short and simple, while Whitman brings on a more sophisticated style, it truly shows that they use their own unique style of writing. In both Whitman and Dickinson works they have been known for being such unique artist and being original, while people try so hardly to impersonate their style, but they are unable to come close to accomplishing it. Whitman wrote in ambitious proportions, while creating a style of rhythmic structure, creating stanzas and complex lines.
By Whitman making his works synonymous it truly recognizes him as a great American Poet. With Whitman using free verse poetry he was able to change the original idea of structure with the rhythm of cadence, this helped people to emphasize poetry as an expression. With Whitman he uses non-orthodox type of structuring his poetry; he traditionally does not have a type of length for his works of stanzas, poems, or his lines. On to the case with Dickinson she did write with a defined structure to her works. Dickinson’s style of writing used a ballad stanza, these were four line stanzas.
So by comparing both of their works, their structure is different. Another key difference with both works is their use of rhyme in the works. In Whitman’s style of poetry it has not rhyme, while on the other hand Dickinson exercises the idea of slant rhyme. Slant rhyme is the use of approximate or near rhymes. In both of their works, the evidence can be seen through the structure they express themselves in...

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.... With Whitman using his style of free-verse in can quite cause the works to be disorganized. His use of repetition often comes into play by him repeat to use the same phrase or word four times.
Whitman’s works take on the idea of the human body and sexuality which may scare off some readers. He brings in the idea of worshipping both Men and Women bodies, so with in comparison to Dickinson, Whitman work differs in style due to him not make his stories go dark like Dickinson traditionally does with her works. So what it really comes down to is that Whitman and Dickinson both have their distinct topics but they both are trying to convey their idea about either God, self, or death and Human Body, and sexuality they are trying to enlighten ones knowledge of topics and steer ones mind to truth and what they truly believe is right and what is wrong.

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