Compare Hope Is The Thing With Feathers And Because I Could Not Stop For Death

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No two poems are ever exactly the same. This can be shown in two of Emily Dickinson’s poems “Hope” is the Thing with Feathers and Because I could not stop for Death. If you take these two poems and compare them you will find some similarities, but overall there are a lot more differences that set them apart. She may stick to writing about topics she knows like life, nature, love, death, and religion but she makes sure that the detail in each one is different and unique. In “Hope” is the Thing with Feathers and Because I could not stop for Death there are difference in the speaker, theme, and imagery used throughout the poems.
The first differences in these poems are the speakers. A speaker is the person that is delivering the poem (Literary …show more content…

In Because I could not stop for Death there is a speaker. In this poem the speaker is a female that is dead. This story is written in first-person so it sets you up to know that it is coming from someone’s perspective. Evidence shows that it is a woman that is telling a story because she is wearing a gown. Also, she is going on a date with death, and death she describes as a man in line 2. The woman in this poem is trying to share a moment in her life with you, and help you to really feel like you are there with all the detail and feelings …show more content…

Dickinson doesn’t have the speaker complain about dying and be trying to avoid it instead she is calm and just riding along with death. She sort of goes on a date with him and is driving around taking their time to get wherever they need to go. When you get to the end you realize that she is already dead, and that’s why she wasn’t fighting it, because she was already there. The speaker had come to terms with what had happened and was reliving the moment when it happened. As one would expect, dealing with death, it was darker than her poem about hope. This poem was really able to capture emotion of death and portray it in an easy way to

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