Essay On Similarities Between Ralph Waldo Emerson And Emily Dickinson

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Both of the authors, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Emily Dickinson represent similar opinions through different types of writing. Emerson himself is more extrinsic while Dickinson represents herself motivated intrinsically. Moreover, both of the authors are inspired from different sources; Emerson finds himself inspired from the outside world, while Dickinson’s inspiration comes from an unknown force within her body. Emerson represents and shows masculinity in his writings while using fierce language, while on the other hand Dickinson represents a feminine side. Even though both of authors convince us in a way that they are very different from each other while we look at their theories and writings, but in the end we find their faith very similar. I will argue ambiguities that are found on their writings toward faith and their rejection of religious authority.

Firstly, Emerson is known as one of the greatest figure of the spirituality in the world. He decides to quit the Church thinking that the profession was antiquated; and that form of commemorating Chris did not fit to him. He moves on from the Church and away from the religious authority to an individualistic state of expression. He believes in the idea that the whole life is connected to God and defines all of the life as divine. The following quote expresses his faith: “Anyone, at any place and time, can have direct and immediate access to the central truths and experience of life itself.”(Emerson). By this message hi truly states that all of the human beings have the ability to be connected with the God anywhere at any time. Furthermore, he believes in a divine soul that all of us are able to be connected with Him in a relaxed state. Emerson’s inspiration comes completely from ...

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...idualism which will free them and will let them express their individuality and ambiguities in faith. Even though they are inspired from different sources, they believed in the unity of all creatures and the righteousness of humanity. They try to describe the God’s nature in many different vivid figures such as: tragedy and pain that will make us realize the God’s true power. Often we find ourselves away from God because he might take something/someone important from our lives, but when everything returns to normal we always find new fulfillments and pleasures. Even though their ideas originated from different sources and their writings were different from one another, they were quite similar in expressing the love for the God through nature without the need of religious authority. “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”(Emerson 3)

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