Comparing The Testament And The Prophet 's Life And Times Of Jesus Essay

Comparing The Testament And The Prophet 's Life And Times Of Jesus Essay

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The big news mentioned in the Old Testament was the coming of the Messiah but the big question is “when”? The Gospels were written about the life and times of Jesus. The synoptic view of Matthew, Mark, and Luke can also to be said on how they got their information as in straight from the source or second hand from other people. As for John, John had some similarities but not enough to be considered together with other writers of the Gospels. John had a different view of Jesus because of the very close relationship they had together. The religious leaders and people did not trust or believe that Jesus was the Messiah. At one point, John and possibly majority of the people at time thought that, they would overthrow the Roman rulers and be self- govern again. Jesus had a different mission and thoughts rather than going to war with Roman Empire. Jesus was about love and to be the ultimate redemption that mankind needed to escape death.
Acts is one of a kind book that tells the beginning history of the formation of the church across known world. The first twelve chapters are dedicated to one of the disciples called Peter. The Holy Spirit that Jesus spoked about arrived to where strange things occurred that never were seen before. This is where thousands were saved and filled with Spirit. At that time the disciples were looking, thinking, and remembering back in what Jesus said to them that triggered their actions. In the early church days, there were many martyrs because of the faith and belief in the resurrection of Jesus. The last half of Acts belongs to a guy named Saul and later becomes Paul. The road to Damascus changed everything in the known world. Paul was probably the greatest evangelist in history of mankind ...

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...discovery of material found and asking a question, “Is there anything that is different in the canon”?
3. Looking at the bible now is much easier to read the whole bible now.
4. Use what scriptures that was saved and translate the writings to match perfectly modern day bible.
5. Finally, congratulating each other on of council on the hard work of selecting all 27 books for the New Testament and that the canon has passed the test of time after 17 centuries.

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