The Ancient Druids

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The Ancient Druids

The ancient Druid religion was created within Celtic society at around 500 B.C.

The religion itself was manifested through observations of the natural world. These

observations of nature led to the philosophical, spiritual, and ritual base of the Druid


The ancient Celtic people populated Gaul and the British Isles from 900 B.C. to

700 C.E.(1,2,5). These were a people of nature. At the height of their society at around

300 B.C. there were hundreds of independent Celtic tribes. Each tribe had fixed borders

but held the forest and agricultural land as common ground. Some of the land was

worked in common for the sick and the poor (5).

The social structure was based on democratic idealism. Every person had his or

her place in the tribe and officials were elected yearly. The majority of tribal business

was conducted at annual assemblies where land disputes were decided, petty criminals

were tried and officials were elected (2,5).

The common link between all the tribes was the Druid priesthood. The Druid

priests had authority over every tribal chief and could move wherever they wanted. They

were the arbitrators between the tribes. Their purpose was to preserve the common

culture, religion, history, laws, scholarship and science of the Celtic people

A Druid would begin training at age 5 and continue for 20 years. He or she would

be taught in a large group by a few Druid teachers and would be educated in astrology,

magic, and in the powers of plants and animals. All of the instruction was oral and

hands-on (1,2,3,4). The training was also very physically demanding. A Druid had to

master and understand his or her body because it was the soul's link to nature and life.

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At day time games would be played while at night the serious rituals were performed.

Today there some misconceptions about the Druid rituals that took place in

ancient times. It is not known for sure whether or not the Druids had human sacrifices. If

they did have human sacrifices, it was an offering to nature by the person being

sacrificed. No one was forced to be sacrificed. The Druids did not worship any evil

spirits but the whole of dark and light that is the universe.

Druidism was driven underground as Christianity moved into Western Europe.

Much of Druidism was incorporated into the Christianity of the British Isles. But by 700

C.E. Druidism was almost completely gone. The only reason we know as much as we do

about the Druids is because of Christian monks who documented them. It is from their

writings that we know the ways of the ancient Druids.
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