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Comparing Norway and Germany Essay

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Economy and food are something that every country typically has in common. Every country needs an economy of some sort to function. Economy aids in trade, between people and services, it allows for that country to associate with other countries of the world, and it helps within their community and allows it to function as its own society. Then we have food; food, alongside economy, is something a society could not live without. It also aids in trade and helps the community survive. Economy and food are something that both the countries of Norway and Germany have in common.
Norway is surrounded on three sides by water, and then its forth side is next to Sweden. Norway being mostly surrounded by water plays a huge part in its economy. According to the Every Culture website, “The country is highly dependent on international trade for manufactured consumer goods” (1). Being by water allows them to export many goods to other counties to support their economy. Another big export that they have is petroleum. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, “Norway is the world’s third-largest natural gas exporter; and seventh largest oil exporter” (1). Although that is not the only industries that help their economy there. They are also known for their shipbuilding, paper products, fishing, metals and chemicals just to name off a few. With a labor force of about 2.6 million and an unemployment rate of only 3.2% the people of Norway has almost enough jobs for everyone to keep their economy going. With their $166 billion in exports and only have $89 billion in imports the country is doing pretty well off (Central Intelligence Agency). Although those numbers are in US dollars, Norway also has its own form of currency which is the Danish Kron...

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...nd different and how they are both able to function as people living on the same earth.

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