Comparing Jane Goodall's A Question of Ethics and Heloisa Sabin's Essay "Animal Research Saves Human Lives"

Comparing Jane Goodall's A Question of Ethics and Heloisa Sabin's Essay "Animal Research Saves Human Lives"

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It is estimated that more than 1 million people die annually in the United States from heart disease and cancer combined (Leading Causes of Death). What if all of those human lives could have been saved by sacrificing relatively few animals? Conservationists and animal rights activists always have the best of intentions for animals and the environment. They believe that animals should never have to suffer because of the choices human beings make. This view can be unrealistic in many situations. Jane Goodall’s A Question of Ethics was a very emotional and Rogerian style essay, but I found it lacked the supporting facts and credibility that can be found in Heloisa Sabin’s aggressive “classic” styled essay Animal research Saves Human Lives.
Heloisa Sabin helped establish the Sabin Vaccine Institute in 1993 whose mission is to promote the role of vaccines which will eliminate needless deaths from preventable and treatable diseases. (Heloisa Sabin | Sabin Vaccine Institute). Her essay is an extension of her husband’s work and views. ““There could have been no oral polio vaccine without the use of innumerable animals, a very large number of animals,” Albert told a reporter shortly before his death” (Sabin 155). Through citing her husband’s views to support her argument she empowers her essay with the credibility of a man who is responsible for curing a disease that “struck down 58,000 children in 1952 alone” (Sabin 154). To take away the ability to test on animals would be the same as condemning those children to pain, suffering and death. As for Jane Goodall, she has no formal education or training (Muller 157). Jane’s life experience come from following a childhood dream of living with animals and doing a much...

... middle of paper ... tip the scales of a person on the fence about animal testing while Jane Goodall’s essay feels empty. As science evolves and technology rapidly changes our realities I hope there will be a day that animal testing is no longer required. When will that day come? Hopefully sooner than we think.

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