Comparing Criminology And The 2005 Hit Movie Batman Essay

Comparing Criminology And The 2005 Hit Movie Batman Essay

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This essay will explore some of the theories commonly observed in criminology in relation to the 2005 hit movie Batman Begins. I chose a batman movie as they’re usually about lucrative criminals and batman himself is a notable criminologist. Batman and his “rogue gallery” as they are often called, also “super criminals” display similar behavior to what we see in the real worlds normal criminals.
The movie begins with a young Bruce Wayne playing outside with his friend Rachael. Bruce steps on some rotten boards and falls into a well sustaining minor injuries. Suddenly he is overcome with a flock of bats living in the wells caverns terrifying him. Throughout most of his childhood he retains this fear of bats and anything even remotely bat-like will trigger an anxiety attack. Bruce and his parents attended an opera event later and some airborne dancers clad in black that resembled bats triggered another anxiety attack, prompting his parents to take him outside for a little bit.
While outside the opera a common street criminal, Joe Chill, pulls a gun on the parents and demands wallet and jewelry. His parents get shot during this encounter and die. An adult Bruce Wayne travels the world learning about the criminal mind and studying extensive martial arts, weapon use, concealment, and even becomes a professional escape artist. His plan is to return to Gotham and strike fear into hearts of criminals and make the city safer.
In remote Asia he joins a clandestine secret society called the league of shadow that pushes his training further. The final test is to execute a criminal which Bruce cannot make himself do as he feels he will become another criminal; causing him to leave the organization on less favorable terms. Bruce Wayne, now ...

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...hoice as well. He is a super smart rational human being who made these diabolical plans to commit criminal acts.
In conclusion I think batman begins is a great example through film of the rational choice and strain theories I learned about in criminology this semester. I think rational choice is the clear winner here as being a super criminal requires elaborate premeditatios, intellect, assets, and malice. Strain theory in this film helped explain the crushing poverty and murder of batman’s parents, setting the stage for the return and emergence of future super criminals.

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