Comparing And Contrasting Definitions Of Religion Essay

Comparing And Contrasting Definitions Of Religion Essay

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Comparing and contrasting definitions of religion
The four thinkers that we have learned about in class are Karl Marx, Rudolf Otto, Sigmund Freud, and Paul Tillich. Each thinker has different views. I agree with some thinkers while I disagree with others, however, each thinker has given me a new outlook on religion and each thinker has given me their definition of religion and what religion means to mankind.
Each thinker has his own definition of religion. Karl Marx believed that “Man makes religion, religion does not make man”, (H/R, p. 12). Karl Marx views on religion came during the time of an industrial revolution. There were two societies during that time, the rich and the poor. Marx believed that religion was created to make the poor people feel ok about being poor. Since Jesus was poor it must be ok to be poor. Rudolf Otto believed that “Religion is that which grows out of and gives expression to, experience of the holy in its various aspects.” Otto believed that religion had a “numinous experience” to it. The numinous experience is basically what one feels as he or she is ...

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