Marx's Quality In The Theory Of Karl Marx

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thing which through its qualities satisfies human needs of whatever kind.” A commodity according to Marx is important because of its value to people; and its usefulness can be viewed from two perspectives: quality and quantity. Here he introduced the term of use-value. He explained that the use-value relation of an object is the actual physical characteristics and the value is not affected by the amount of time spent on its production. The use-value of an object is considered to be the physical or material part of wealth. However, there is another part of the wealth that is abstract, meaning that is not tangible. Exchange-value is the second term introduced and it is referred to be the relationship between different objects and how one object…show more content…
In the years 1843 and 1844 Marx was influenced by the work of Ludwig Feuerbach a critic of Christianity. Feuerbach viewed religion as an alienated projection of humanity. In 1843, Marx wrote a piece called The Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. In this essay, Marx openly expresses his sentiments towards religion. To Marx men creates religion and not the other way around. “Religion is indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has not either not yet won through himself, or has already lost himself again”. Because the man in his task of fulfilling himself created this supernatural fantasy that would help him justify and comfort himself. Because of the man’s physical limitations and powerlessness to overcome life events and inevitable situations, man came to the need to create religion, as Marx sees is the “expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sight of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions”. Religion was a chain oppressing men, and it was when they break free from those chain that he would think, act and fashion his reality To Marx religion itself was not evil, but he believed that religion blinds people and block them from seeing the truth about their struggles. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx argued that the ideologies and beliefs of religion and philosophies are created from the standpoint of the ruling

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