Compare and Contrast Religion during Reformation, Industrial Revolution, and World at War

Compare and Contrast Religion during Reformation, Industrial Revolution, and World at War

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The periods during the Reformation, Industrial Revolution, and the World at War all experienced religious and church conflicts. During the Renaissance and Reformation (1330 – 1650), the fundamental practices of the church came under fire. The church at this time was the largest and most political body. The pope, himself, was the most recognizable political figure. It was due to this authority that the church and its pope were more interested in political issues and less with the spiritual needs of the people (McGraw-Hill, p. 76). Many of the Roman Catholic Church’s high priests had bought their way into position and had very little religious experience. Often the only members of the community that were literate were the clergy thus adding to their control of the common people.
The practice of selling indulgences became under attack from a monk named Martin Luther in the early 1500’s. Indulgences were used as a means by many church officials to add to their wealth and prestige. By buying an indulgence, one was released for all sin and acceptance into Heaven guaranteed. Luther argued that no one needed to buy admission into Heaven. He believed that people could obtain salvation thru their faith and actions alone. The authority of the Pope was also challenged by Luther believing that religious matters needed to be resolved through the words of the Bible and not an individual’s decision. All of this was set down in Luther’s 95 Thesis that he posted on the Church door in Wittenberg, Germany ("The Reformation Video").
Martin Luther inspired another thinker of the time that questioned the Church’s beliefs. That man was John Calvin. The Catholic belief during the Renaissance and Reformation was that one’s good deeds hel...

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...angelical work among the poor must be accompanied by well-organized social relief work. The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was established in 1844 by George Williams. Williams, along with 11 friends, were troubled by what he saw in the streets and offered Bible study and prayer for young men trying to seek refuge from life on the streets. The YMCA was very different organization than what had been seen before. It offered openness to its members from all the social classes.
The aftermath of the World at War period saw the development of the American Legion. Congress formed this organization in 1919. It focused on servicing the needs of veterans. Roosevelt III believed that it was necessary to promote religion-infused beliefs about the redeeming power of struggle and war. It helped to infuse religious beliefs into the needs of the nation.

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