John Calvin's Impact On The Protestant Reformation

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THE LIFE AND MINISTRY OF JOHN CALVIN This essay will review the details that caused this well-known theologian, reformer and biblical scholar to leave the Catholic faith and turn to the Christian faith. This essay will also detail that John Calvin helped shape and positively impact the Protestant Reformation because of his significant ideas and guidance that helped reform the church.

BACKGROUND John Calvin was born in the town of Noyon on July 10, 1509 in France. John Calvin’s parents were Gerard Cauvin, and Jeanne le Franc. John’s Father, Gerard held an extremely important position as a cathedral attorney, which provided the necessary connections in order for John Calvin to attend college. Gerard Cauvin’s desire was for his son to
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Calvin fled Paris in 1533 because heretics who were preaching and teaching against the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church were being persecuted. John Calvin traveled around France, Italy and Switzerland from 1533 to 1536. When John Calvin was in Basle, Switzerland he published Institutes of the Christian Religion which was a basic understanding book for understanding the Protestant belief. This book was revised numerous times and the final copy was published in 1559. The Institutes of the Christian Religion was a compilation of his religious values and beliefs; the later version of this work detailed about how the church should be…show more content…
John Calvin’s ministry and devotion to the reformation took off in Geneva. During his time in Geneva he helped establish the procedure and guidelines for the city and leadership to be governed by a theocracy. In 1538, Calvin and his colleague Farel were exiled from Geneva for not properly conducting Communion. John Calvin then moved to Strasbourg, France where he ministered for three years. John Calvin eventually was persuaded to return to Geneva in September 1541. It would take John Calvin nearly 14 years before he could completely implement his doctrines and beliefs in the church. John Calvin believed that there was nothing more important in a church service than preaching the scriptures. He also believed that singing hymns and psalms were extremely important but he banned musical instruments from churches. Joh Calvin believed that music distracted worshippers from truly seeking God. John Calvin continued to preach and support the reformation from Geneva until he died in May 26,

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