Religion Causes War

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Religion has played a major role in the lives of most cultures whether it is Christian, Islamic, Judaism, or another religious faith, but has it been the leading cause of war throughout history? God refers to sin as being the force that drives the world it provokes conduct involving one’s flesh and mind. Richard Dawkins an evolutionist, and agnostic, states that “religion causes wars by generating certainty” (Thacker). When he implies certainty in his quote, does he mean that this is a fact he is certain of, or can he provide proper evidence? War and conflict is a characteristic nature of man it was around before religion ever existed and many other factors are the cause of war such as, ethnicity, culture, ideologues, race, class, gender, power, greed, selfishness, revenge, genocide, immigration, government decisions, and SIN these are just a few. Bible scriptures say, “war is the cause of sin in the world not god” (King James Version, Matt. 15.19). Therefore, the aim is to prove that religion is more of an excuse for war. Then refute that selfishness, greed, and sin caused by human-violence are the primary causes of war.

In any culture, war has always been a factor whether it is due to religion, communism, nationalism, militarism, or just down right greed. It is a way for one to have control over something that does not belong to them. Recently there has been an argument circulating around anti-religious beliefs that “religion has been the cause of more wars and conflicts than any other factor” (Pimentel). This theory is obviously inaccurate and shows no relevance of any proper research done. Religion is based on one’s faith. Faith can be warped into fanaticism, which is bad no matter what form it comes in. It can motivate a ...

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