Community Health Teams ( Chts ) And An Integrated Healthcare System Essay

Community Health Teams ( Chts ) And An Integrated Healthcare System Essay

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How many people actually spend more than 15 minutes with their doctor during a visit? How well do you think your doctor knows you? Would you like more quality time and care from your provider? We can all play a role in the success of our healthcare. Through the use of community health teams (CHTs) and an integrated healthcare system, doctors will get to know you better and thus be able to provide you with quality healthcare. If we receive better healthcare, we will have healthier lives. With healthier lives, overall medical costs will be reduced. By using community health teams (CHTs) incorporated into an integrated healthcare system, costs incurred by high-risk, high-need members will be substantially reduced by the direct care and social services provided to the member.
Healthcare hasn’t always looked like the unified collaborative efforts now being implemented. Before integrated healthcare became the wave of the future, there was the premise of patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) which has evolved into what we now call integrated healthcare. Along with the primary care provider the CHT team will include nurse care managers, behavioral health providers, social workers, and case managers, who collectively work together to provide focused-care to the most important participant: the member. CHTs have changed the healthcare environment by bringing care directly to the member in their community and home, much like the days of “house calls”. Through the CHTs, workers will meet members in their home to assess social and mental health needs and be able to recognize barriers to proper healthcare. Historically, members may see two or more providers for many different medical conditions; endocrinologist for diabetes, cardiolo...

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.... By showing how effective the CHT is with high-
risk, high-need members in integrated care practices, the capacity to expand and create programs to encompass all health populations is inevitable. Copying and duplicating the CHT model throughout healthcare will continue to show how costs can be reduced system wide. These programs are important to everyone who accesses medical care because it will reduce the overall cost of medical expenses to those individuals who pay out-of-pocket fees, governmental programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, the individual health plans and will create new funding by bundling services for a more valued-base care. The value in coordinated quality of care, affordability, and the removal of barriers to proper healthcare through the usage of CHTs will show the bottom-line cost reduction.

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