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Solution for Health Care
The real problem with the health care system in this country is not just the people running it but mainly the massive pit of debt it is continually digging. America spends around 17%, which is about $2.5 trillion of our GDP on health care alone! It is safe to say we spend nearly more than any other country out there. Where is all of this money going though, are they just giving it away to those in need of free medicine or people who cant pay there doctors bills? Most of the money spent is on regulations, research on medicines and failures of medicines that may have not made the “cut” to be on the market.
The basic economic rule in Mr. McGuire’s class is there is no free lunch. The same rule applies here. If people keep going on daily thinking the government is giving free health care they are wrong. Someone down the road somewhere is picking up the tab.
This is a basic economic rule and unless it is followed to begin with it will never work. There is no such thing as “free” health care. This was and still is a common misconception among many Americans. For a long time everyone believed we would be receiving free health care, but this was not true we would only be getting affordable health care. But what if our health care is already affordable and we don’t want to change? If you like your health care you can keep your health care along with the extra money piled on your deductibles and premiums.
When the time comes that people can control their own medical expenses without help from the government and regulate spending then we may see the day of a solution. The government believes health care is too big to leave to individuals but they don’t realize it would be the same as the free market and could be...

... middle of paper ... in the legal realm of the spectrum. Many cost are racked up over malpractice, court cost, and medical studies. We spend more time as a burden to doctors and trying to cover our backs even though our hospitals are way better than anywhere else.
Last we need to take the “insurance” out of health insurance. Every single time we go to the doctor or need a prescription filled our insurance shouldn’t pay for it. For example every time your car needs tires or your fridge needs groceries you don’t go out and file a claim with your insurance company. Health insurance should be more like car insurance or home insurance and used only for catastrophic events. I believe this would take a major burden off our government and insurance agencies. With all of the extra money that these scenarios have saved it is very possible that they could help produce jobs all over America.

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