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Community Assessment : Indian Hills Community Essay

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Indian Hills community is in Hidalgo County, on the outskirts of Mercedes Texas with a population of 2,591 residents. Indian hills community is located on North Baseline Road in which you make a right on to Campaucus drive and you will arrive at Indian Hills Neighborhood. Indian Hills, is home to low-income families. The neighborhood contains one church in where there is also a community library. There is a grocery store located at the entrance of the neighborhood. Indian hills east is considered a colonial area, meaning this is semi rural area with substandard housing that presents a risk of health, and the overall physical well being of the members of the community. Indian hills is one of the high list of all colonial areas for it residents being at a disadvantage. Through this asset-based community assessment I will identify community assets and also address areas of concern I may encounter with in the Indian hills community.
Data collection methods and procedures used during this community assessment, where census data, driving survey and newspaper archives.
The first data method used was census data collected in 2010-2013. The population of Indian hills accounts for 96.6% of residents that are Hispanic decent, 3.0% white, .3 African American and .2 %American Indian. Female residents account for 51.1%, males account for 48.9% of the Indian hills population. The median age of resident in Indian hills is 27 years of age. 31.9% of Indian hills have obtained a high school diploma or higher, .6% have completed a bachelor’s and graduate degree or higher. Indian hills have 31.3% of unemployed residents. Residents that do have employment have to travel to work 21 minutes away from home. The most common industrie...

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...rch Iglesia de los Hechos. During the summer the church serves around 300 hundred children every week and this also give the families that can not afford daycare a place that will take care of their children while they go to work. Iglesia de los Hechos offer this community daily summer school services, even during the school year. Iglesia de los Hechos and its pastor Juan Moreno bring outside assets to the community of Indian hills. Indian hills demographics indicate that this community is in need of help. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine and its partners have begun stitching together a larger partnership with the community to provide health care for those who lack the resources to seek medical attention. Indian hills
From the data given above
The biggest know asset of Indian hills community are the church Iglesia de los Hechos.

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