Discuss The King's Theory Of Health

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Our group definition of health showed that health is broad and consists of objective and subjective parts. In contrast, the king’s interaction model (theory of goal attainment), the purpose of nursing is to help people maintain, or restore health by mutually goal setting. Her view towards the concept of health are easy to understand, but difficult to realize because the role of nurses is based on the health needs of patient, family, community and population. The other needs of patient, family and community will be resolve by nurses giving patients referrals or follow-up for care to other professionals. These health needs exclude health disparities and inequities in vulnerable population that nurses serve. Also, these health needs include reciprocal…show more content…
In nursing practice, this goal attainment is apply in many areas (public vs private and urban vs rural) of nursing practice. King’s theory involves individuals interacting with one another, and guide nurses in working as team with patients. According to our reading, there are three advantages of king’s theory to nursing practice: first, the long-lasting values. For examples our group talk about what values kept us in nursing and we reflect on our role. This verbal exchanges include both spoken and written communication. Secondly, the nursing situations where the needs of patients are assess and evaluate, or what the nurses do as nursing actions in the situation. And finally, nurses connect values and the nursing situations to serve a specific need in society. For a collaborating situation, nurses would identify risks of disease, injury or premature death; identify also the needs (physical and emotional needs), the values, the strengths and resources for their patients. Another way for king’s theory goal of attainment is for nurses to lead patient, family and community by increasing their quality of life. We know that quality of life is very subjective because health is based on individual perception, cultural background, and education, moral and ethical values. The interactive perspective suggested by King’s theory goal attainment sees nursing roles as more changeable,