Essay on Communism And Starvation During 20th Century China

Essay on Communism And Starvation During 20th Century China

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From the spoon of Chairman Mao: communism and starvation in twentieth century China, by Colvin Null
1. The Famines of Chairman Mao
In the late 1940’s, China was devastated and bankrupt from the inner conflicts and civil war they were having in their country. The people of China were desperate for a new system of government because their current government was not getting the job done, but little did China know what they were about to have to go through with a communist style government.
The Chinese people hope the new government would bring peace and prosperity to the country. Chairman Mao and the high officials of the government promised that the citizens would always have plenty of food and clothes. Also, Mao gave females the same rights that males had. This gained all the females approval because they could marry the man they loved instead of her parents choosing for her. Mao’s plan was to make everybody love him, so when he makes changes, the people think its for the best of the country.
The communists had plans to make China an enormous industrial country. The first step to making industrial China happen was the work units. Since the industrial buildings cost a lot of money, Mao encouraged small farms to consolidate their farms, so they could work together to put out more products. In return, the government was providing employment and health care. This gave the communists direct control over the people because they put branch guys down from the government to watch the people. The party officials then told the peasants to go cease the land from their landlords. The peasants would go buy the dozens to the landlord’s house and be very violent. Some landlords were beaten so badly that they died. Therefore, in a ra...

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...ily, the people of China made the first step in ending communism by separating out their land between families in the communes. After seeing how successful it was to give out land, the government created the Household Responsibility System that allowed all the families in China to own land and be prosperous. Even though the peasants were still under communism control, they had the ability to control their own destiny by working hard to produce grain for their families. This is not the first time in the history of the world that a government tried to own everything. The pilgrims in American are another prime example of how a group of people working for a common goal has never been a successful economic strategy. For a country to be prosperous and have adequate food, the government needs to allow their citizens to own property, make profits, and utilize markets.

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