China in Transition

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Chapter One 3

Summary 3

1.0 Current Economic Situation of China 3

1.1 Current Policy 3

1.1.1 One Child policy 3

1.1.2 Urbanization 4

1.3 Exports 5

Chapter Two 6

The analysis of the process for China in transition 6

2.0 The Analysis of China Current Economic Situation 6

2.1 Urbanization 7

Source of Money 8

Price of Real Estate 8

Household Registration System 9

2.2 Exports 9

2.3 The Human Capital Analysis 10

Future discussion 11

References 12

Chapter One


1.0 Current Economic Situation of China

As one of the largest countries, china may attract a lot of attentions from the westerner and major countries in the Asia. The fast development of China economics can be seen from the GDP growth. However the growth of GDP is quite fluctuated, China economic was unstable which can be observed in some periods such as Cultural revolutions and the economic overheated in 1993. Moreover, there is a ten years of golden time for China to enjoying the prosperity of economic development since china entered in WTO. As a result, China has an average of 9 percent of GDP growth in last decade.

The benefits of economics growth which are the development of Small & Middle enterprise (SME) and the manufacture industry can be seen from the opening policy during the Deng`s period. It is the backbone of the sustainable growth of China economics. With the development of manufactory industry, it provides the opportunity to enhance the competitive advantages to compare with the developed countries such as US and Japan.

On other hands, there are many scholars are interested to know the future development of China economics. Is that possible to have a continuing growth in next decade? There are several import...

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... ecological agriculture, circular industry and service industry


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