Communication Is Key to Surviving in Society Essays

Communication Is Key to Surviving in Society Essays

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Communication is key to surviving in society. Because we have such variety and diverse cultures within our communities, communication can become very complex in the human interaction. Because mutual or common significance is essential for communication to take place effectively, people from diverse cultures need to establish some universal ground and develop an open, optimistic approach towards other diverse cultures. The significance of educating a compassion and sympathy towards dissimilar regulations and prospects of people from other cultural groups cannot be overstated. The culturally aware individual will profit not just from enhanced communication but also from connections created with individuals from a broad ranges of cultures. Sincerity to the divergence that subsists within each individual is an essential element for a flourishing intercultural communication. An understanding of diverse morals, manners and viewpoints, must be cultivated. Understanding by positioning oneself in the other person´s place allows a communicator to view the world from a further perception. Act...

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