Essay on Communication Is An Important Part Of Life

Essay on Communication Is An Important Part Of Life

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Negative Communication
Communication is an important part of life. People need to have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. There are three main causes why people have negative communication in today’s society. Communication can be difficult, but you will find out how you can improve your communication skills.
Some may ask what is negative communication? Martin Johnson expresses his ideas on what negative communication means in his article called The Effects of Positive and Negative Communication. Johnson says, “When we receive negative communication from others, our brain releases a chemical called cortisol. This chemical is released when we experience uncomfortable situations or feel under threat” (Johnson, para. 5). That chemical purpose is to alert us when we are in a situation and we need to remove ourselves from it. We become stressed and fearful when are put into a situation that we don’t like. Johnson also says, “In order to communicate effectively, we must be conscious of the tone that we use, the body language which we display and the facial expressions we project” ( Johnson, para. 6). Still today, some people still have a difficult time with communication. Most of us can’t always have a positive communication all the time because we think we are right all the time. Some of us need to have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
Preben Orman listed three main causes that can create a negative communication. Orman says, “ We fail to express their feelings, we ignore the other person’s feelings and our attitude is not respectful” (Hooker Hilton and Other Stories, para. ). Expressing our feelings can be a challenge for some people. I have a difficult time expressing exactly what I’m feeling. I...

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...kely to feel hurt and angry. In some cases, a person whose feelings have been invalidated might shut down from you emotionally, so that her/his feelings will not be hurt again” (paragraph 47). Having an aggressive attitude all the time will not make you or the other person feel better. We need to be considerate of other people feelings. I’m going to try to fix my horrible attitude. I can’t be mean all the time.
In conclusion, some people can’t always have a positive communication all the time because we think we are right all the time. Some of us need to have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Negative communication can occur when you can’t express your feelings, ignoring other people 's feelings and our attitude is disrespectful. Fixing our communication with people can be difficult, but it can help you have a better relationship with other people.

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