Communication Barrier between Science and the Community Essay

Communication Barrier between Science and the Community Essay

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The world is a large place filled with many diverse cultures. Within these different cultures, unique languages and ways of healing have risen. Due to overpopulation and the constant need for new technology, these cultures have come together to create a better way of life. The problem we face today is not finding the sources of medication, but the communication barrier between science and the community.

Community Health Worker Programmes During the late Apartheid era in South Africa:
Apartheid was a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race (Oxford University Press Southern Africa, 2007). During the 19 hundreds, this unethical law was taking place in South Africa which led to the lack of human rights for people of ‘darker’ skin. The races were divided and no intermingling occurred which therefore created a large communication gap due to language differentiation. Different races were assigned areas, and the ‘lower’ race received smaller living conditions. This led to overcrowded conditions in bantustans, also known as ‘homelands’, which in due course led to a perfect breeding ground for pathogens. “Under this racially and politically divided regime, healthcare was intentionally inequitably distributed (Ginneken et al. 2010:1110).
Ginneken et al. (2010:1111) notes that even with the ‘lower’ races being unimportant, and people turning blind eyes, there were a few individuals who wanted to make a difference in the health of underprivileged citizens. These people; community health workers (CHWs), began non-profit organisations which helped these sick underprivileged citizens. CHWs are a group of heterogenous health workers who have no professional training. They have been chosen by the community to perform ...

... middle of paper ... Oxford University Press Southern Africa (Pty) .
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