Common Core : The Future Of Education Essay

Common Core : The Future Of Education Essay

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Common Core is the future of education in the United States. When hearing about it for the first time intrigued me, because it meant that everything was going to change my senior year of high school. I heard a lot of agreements and disagreements because my family is full of educators. The ones who were for common core, for example my aunt has a child with special needs who doesn’t have proper teaching training still has to help her child succeed and she disagrees with common core.. As for my father who was a principal in the inner city schools agrees with common core. As for my experience, I had already been experiencing common core t in high school. I attended College of the Canyons which is a Middle College High School. In my experience, for example in math we would have to write how we came up with the answer and in english we would have a lot of peer reviews and edits as well as analyzing everything in other subjects.
Common Core is about improving the education system here in America so that future Americans can compete with the rest of the world. How are teachers expected to prepare students for college and also learn thinking strategies and applications. Will this help the future? what are other states saying about this? How will the country change their own standards to reach the same expectation as the common core? How Common Core can relate to all subjects in schools? What are parents saying about Common core? How teachers in reform schools have to teach? these are all questions and more the country is asking, and i want to know what the answers are as well as come to my own conclusion in is Common Core good for Future schools in America Ellenberg, Jordan. "Meet the New Common Core." The New York Times. The New Y...

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...ent & Adult Literacy 58.3 (2014): 243-254. ERIC. Web. 10 Feb. 2016.
In this article the author writes about how using programs similar to google doc is helpful for English Language arts. They did a study in colorado form 6-8 graders which were interviews, survey, documents, and classroom observation. the result being successful for college readiness. As well as, with using google documents, students have the option to have class mates look at their work and give feedback. this is good because this is accessible form any computer at any time. also, she wrote about how long it takes students to write from elementary, to middle, and high school students. this also helps students get information from digital sources. this si written for english teachers and district office officials who need to help implement a way to get student to interact in the ELA for common core.

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