Commentary on Learning How to Formulate a Concise Thesis Essay

Commentary on Learning How to Formulate a Concise Thesis Essay

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After exploring the online writing lab, my perspective on formulating a thesis statement has changed.

Firstly, from personal experience, looking at the assignment title is usually very daunting and I start to list down the various aspects it could cover. I was ambitious in formulating a thesis that could possibly encompass every single aspect, without keeping in mind the length limitations of the paper. As a result, my thesis was very broad. My paper lacked focus and it seemed like with more points, I required more evidence to convince the reader of my stance. After time, some of my evidence sounded repetitive, as there could have been a possible overlap in points.

Through this exploration, I have learnt that a thesis should be narrowed down and focused but yet complex enough, to be developed further with my supporting arguments later on. There must be a logical and clear rationale as to the stance I’m taking, which helps to defend my position from some readers, who may controvert. One rationale clause to use would be “because”.

Even though debatable, it at least helps to provide readers with a clear summary as to where the paper is headed, which would be to prove my position on the topic. As an author, a strong and narrowed thesis would assure I would not wander off from the main topic and transitions would be progressively easier to write.

Next, it has always been this pre-conceived notion of mine that the thesis has to be something factual or tautological. Also, I thought it was simply a paragraph where I would merely list my sub points. I felt that by having a boosted general consensus on the topic without much contention, it would be both safer and easier when it came to backing up my arguments. My paper ended up loo...

... middle of paper ... one. After I have selected which evidence to back up my arguments, I should constantly return to my working thesis and revise it accordingly.

In a nutshell, via this e-learning, I have learnt on how to formulate a concise thesis to ease me into writing a paper with structure and coherence. Eventually, at the end of the revision stage, my thesis would contain my stance, have my supporting arguments highlighted while presenting the structure of the paper to the reader to prepare them before they delve into the ideas that will be put forth in my supporting paragraphs.

This could have made my paper a better one instead of something very factual with mere discussion of pros and cons. There would be a lack in analysis and I would appear as not being able to evaluate critically due to the absence of argument, whereby I would convince doubtful readers of my stance.

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