Essay about Coming From A Math Background

Essay about Coming From A Math Background

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Coming from a math background, reading was never a subject that I was enthusiastic about teaching. However, I realized that my attitude towards a subject greatly impacted my young learners. For the past few years, I made it my mission to become a better reading teacher. I attended as many professional developments that targeted reading instruction as possible. I took the curriculum home over the summer and met with my co-teacher to reflect on which lessons went well and which were challenging. We then made a curriculum map reorganizing the reading lessons in a way that was more developmentally appropriate. I teamed up with my school’s reading coach for support. She agreed to come into my classroom and observe lessons and give constructive feedback. One of the most helpful suggestions that she gave me was to begin sending home reading logs with our students. We also began a new reading program where students were allowed to take home classroom books and have families read to them. In order to motivate our students to learn their sight words, we introduced a sight word zoo challenge where students where assessed every two weeks and depending on how many sight words they were able to read, they move into a new animal club! We also sat down with the ESL teacher, since we have many students who are learning English as a second language to discuss ways we can increase their vocabulary and help them become better readers. Throughout the year, we held family workshop to help families learn ways that they can help their child at home read fluently.
We also met with our guided reading groups each day while our other students work independently in reading stations. This allowed us to focus on specific skills that our students need extr...

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... I also speak Spanish, which allows me to communicate with our Spanish speaking families and translate for other teachers when necessary. I also have my special education certification and I am able to support students who have special needs by differentiating my instruction and coming up with innovative and creative ways to teach in the classroom.

One of my biggest accomplishments so far this school year, was helping my large population of ELL students become independent readers. When we assessed our students in January, many of my students were unable to read a Level A book. Now, 90% of my students are reading at a level C or above. We meet with out guided reading groups everyday and spend time introducing new vocabulary to our students with images. We also sent home a reading log with Reading A-Z books so that our students can practice reading at home.

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