Combatting the Crime and Violence in the Inner City of Kingston, Jamaica

Combatting the Crime and Violence in the Inner City of Kingston, Jamaica

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The Denham Town community is predominantly a residential neighborhood in West-central Kingston, Jamaica. It unfortunately earned a reputation as one of Kingston’s more violent inner city communities. Despite having to contend with crime and violence over the years, other social issues like: drug/alcohol abuse, gang violence, education gap and unemployment have significantly affected the youths.

The scourge of crime and violence reportedly scarred the inner city youths, hence the NCB Foundation sought to avert some of those challenges. It has since helped by contributing to the improvement of the lives of those most vulnerable and at-risk youths.
Therefore, the intention of this study is to assess the contributions of the NCB Foundation on youth in the community of Denham Town.

Definition/Conceptualization of Technical Terms:

In order to attain a more in depth understanding of the issues at hand, the NCB Foundation must be conceptualized.
The mission of the Foundation, according to its official website, the organisation respects and embraces charitable causes that are relevant to the betterment of Jamaica and ultimately leads to a sense of corporate social responsibility through strategic partnerships focused on the development of the nation’s people.

In saying this, the NCB Foundation assists with the provision of an improved quality education, and through social partnerships with stakeholders; it helps with the alleviation of crime among our nation’s youth.

Youth is defined by Macmillan dictionary as that time period in an individual’s life when they are young.

1. An investigation into ways how the youth in the community of Denh...

... middle of paper ... the factors affecting the development of youth. This study deviates from qualitative methodology employed by Hamilton et al in his study to collect data.

According to a newspaper article published in The Gleaner (Wednesday June 8, 2011)by Kaymian Weekley, the NCB Foundation scholarship programme was established because the Foundation saw a need to help students who excel academically, but may not have any or all the resources to pursue their interests.

Programs Officer, Bridgette Rhoden stated that, the foundation believes in building Jamaica and are committed to assisting young people in getting an education. She further emphasized that the foundation is excited to contribute to youth development because youth face obstacles in achieving their careers, and also for others to recognize that these young people will eventually assist in nation building.

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