Essay on College Readiness Is Not A For College

Essay on College Readiness Is Not A For College

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Who or what is to say that a student is ready for college? No one person or entity can tell a high school graduate concretely that they are or are not ready to enter into the higher institute of learning. What they can do is provide relevant insight or guidelines to self assess if one believes they are ready for college. College readiness is not a term that can be packaged in one definition. There are numerous definitions for college readiness. Conley has defined the word in similar but different terminology himself. With the varying definitions, there is some commonality between all the definitions. The focus for defining college readiness is to state if a student is prepare to enroll and go through college. In the coursework for Good Teaching Is Not Good Enough, descriptors were provided for what high school graduates must possess or do to be college ready. The descriptors were: applying core knowledge, college financial aid application, critical reading skills, decision-making skills, emotional/social maturity, extracurricular activities, familiarity with college environment, GPA, high school diploma, high school graduation requirements, meeting college entrance deadlines, metacognitive skills, money/scholarship/financial aid, organizational skills, PSAT or PLAN scores, realistic goals, rigorous coursework, SAT or ACT scores, self-assessment, self-advocacy, standardized exam scores, state assessments, strong attendance, successful performance on high-stakes exams such as AP, SAT, ACT, and IB, taking Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, time management, and writing competence.
In earlier work, Conley (2007) stated, “College readiness can be defined operationally as the level of preparatio...

... middle of paper ... any of the list definitions. The only comment to be made is the lack of definition provide by those who only look at the academics. A student can be at the head of the graduating class but if he or she is not ready to leave home and live on their own they will not succeed at college. The readiness is not to be confused with eligible. When looking only at the academic, one can say the student is eligible to attend college but so much more attention should be placed on will the student be ready for the life style, the financial aspect, the time management aspect, as well as the challenging academic course load. College readiness is a high school student’s preparedness to be successful in the entry and completion of college coursework while functioning at a mental, social, and emotional level that is productive in the process of advancement to career obtainment.

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