College Is Not Only Time Consuming Essay

College Is Not Only Time Consuming Essay

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College is often seen as the place one goes to receive a higher education and a leg up in the working world, but with mental health issues and student debt on the rise, what are students really receiving? Once these issues are classified, it becomes easier to understand what is really happening. The course loads many students face, are not only time consuming, but induce incredible amounts of stress with what is expected of them. The high demands each class poses, mentally taxes the students at an astonishing rate. Add to this, the ever rising costs of college, it is no wonder students are reporting constant physical exhaustion.
Once a student receives their course load, they are often left wondering how they will get everything done. The time the students spend studying obviously varies depending on their chosen major. Students majoring in architecture in 2011 spent an outstanding average of 23.7 hours a week studying. Nursing students spent an average of 18 hours a week studying, those majoring in mathematics averaged 16.4 hours a week, and the list goes on (Statista n.d). Many of the study times were equivalent to that of a part-time job, and would be exhausting in itself. Now, add to the equation that many students are not only going to school full time, but one in five of the 19.7 million undergraduate students were working at least 35hrs a week in 2011 (O 'Shaughnessy, 2013).
These demanding schedules leave students taking a closer look at their course schedules, discovering classes that seemingly have nothing to do with their major. A student seeking a bachelor’s degree should take roughly 120 credits, but actually takes closer to 136.5 credits. Those looking for an associate’s degree only need about 60 credits, but avera...

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...d that the average cost of books and supplies for the 2015-2016 school year was a baffling $1,298 at public colleges. The rate of room and board came to $10,138 at four-year public schools. Once all of the costs were added together, the College Board (n.d) reported that the combined tuition and fees for 2015-2016 came to a striking $23,893 for out-of-state students attending public college. This means, four year students are confronted with a paralyzing total of $95,572, and that’s only if they didn’t pay with high-interest loans.
It is clear to see that colleges are burying students in all aspects. Consuming all of the student’s time, leaving them defenseless to the bombardment of stress, anxiety and depression. All the while, the student slowly sinks further into financial crisis with the grossly high cost that must paid to receive the education in which they seek.

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