College Is A Chain Saw Essay

College Is A Chain Saw Essay

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1. The Statement that best summarizes Nemko’s position is, “College is a chain saw. Only in certain situations is it the right tool,” because most of their argument talks about why college isn’t for everyone, and why more people should pursue an alternative path.
2. Nemko supports his thesis with logic when he used reports of the percentages of people who actually graduate from college, and the percentages of people who find themselves dissatisfied with their college education. His argument appeals to emotion when he is telling the stories of people who graduated from college who didn’t get good enough jobs.His argument appeals to authority when we is giving examples of people who succeeded without a college degree. Out of these three, I find his appeal to logic to be the most convincing because they’re actual studies.
3. In paragraph 2-4 he first argues that statistically it 's not logical for people in the bottom 40% of their class to go college because they most likely drop out. Then he argues that its a waste of time to go to college then drop out because they’ll usually not eve...

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