College Challenges For A Single Parent Home Essay

College Challenges For A Single Parent Home Essay

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College Challenges

According to ,"Between 1978- 2008 the single parent graduation rate went form 4% - 12% . As for a two parent household the graduation rate for then went from 12% - 38%." So consequently children in a single parent home are having much more difficulty in homes with both parents.

The Challenges for me in College I think college is going to be a challenge for me because when it comes to making my own study time its very hard to do. Especially when you have kids to raise. Being a single mother is a challenge in going to school and working. Although I know it will not be easy, I will succeed by taking it day by day and taking advice from experts.

I know that there will be different challenging situations that happens because I am a returning student and I have had situations happen in the past, such as my child being sick and not being able to go to school for a while. This situation took me out of school also. With that being said it caused me to fail one of my classes. This time I am very well prepared if ...

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