A College Degree Essay

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A college degree is one of the best educations that a person can get. It not only develops your mind, but it helps to develop you as a person as well. No matter what kind of degree you receive, whether it be a bachelors, associates, or masters you are more likely to get a better job than without it or with just a high school diploma. Workers with a college degree will earn much more and are much less likely to be unemployed than those with only a high school diploma. This paper will argue that with a college degree you are more likely to get a higher paying job than without a degree. I will support this argument with multiple scholarly articles and other valid sources to further convince you. Sometimes you will hear other people 's conversation and they are filled with talk of the declining value of getting a college education. The earnings from a four year degree are greater today than ever and almost…show more content…
People are more curious now and speculate if a degree is worth it before they go and spend all the time and money for a college education. In “The Value of a College Degree” Jaison R. Abel and Richard Deitz says “Tuition costs have been rising considerably faster than inflation, student debt is mounting, wages for college graduates have been falling, and recent college graduates have been struggling to find good jobs. These trends might lead one to believe that college is no longer a good investment” (Abel and Deitz, 2014). This is a good counter argument but I can tell you why it isn’t valid. Why is the value of a degree so high even when tuition costs are rising and college graduate wages are getting less and less? The answer is because the wages of high school graduates have also been dropping. Since both wages are dropping wouldn’t it make sense to go with the higher one? I think so because I’d rather get a degree and have a medium paying job than not have a degree and have a low paying
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