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The “War on Terror” is the term used to identify the wide number of global conflicts that arose after years of rising tensions involving the Middle East. The significance of the Cold War and its policies played a massive role in contributing to the rise of terrorism and the eventual War on Terror. Decades of U.S. involvement and intervention in the Middle East in relation to the Cold War led to a chain of events that eventually led to the current fracas overseas. The two “wars” are highly complex in detail, but awareness of the two subjects is crucial in order to develop a true understanding on why the two are linked together.
After the conclusion of World War II, there were two definitive superpowers, the United Stated and the Soviet Union. Just as Europe looked to move past the widespread destruction caused by the war, a new conflict ensued between the Soviet Union and the United States, one that would push them to the brink of nuclear war. Despite being allies during the war, there was an increasing amount of distrust between the two superpowers in the post war years. The two nations had an irrational fear that the other would seek world domination. The United States hoped to expand the influence of democracy and capitalism. In contrast, the Soviet Union was led by Communist dictator Joseph Stalin who had desired expansion through Europe. In order to rebuild the war ravished Europe, the United States pledged to aid multiple European nations. The aid was provided to the depleted nations in hopes of them not installing pro-Communist governments. The two most significant and well-known foreign policies introduced after World War II were the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan.
The Truman Doctrine was President Harry Truman’s...

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... “War on Terror” was first used and no solution appears to be on the horizon. Although the Cold War never led to a full scale armed war involving the United States, it lasted over forty years and eventually ended due to the Soviet Union collapsing internally; the War on Terror may be headed for that length of time. The lack of trust between the Soviet Union and the United States led to numerous policies and conflicts overseas. The biggest mistake that was made was occupying the Middle East and trying to control the region. Distrust between two allies was a factor in starting both the Cold War and the War on Terror. The two conflicts are closely linked together as stated by the evidence provided in the text. If only the United States government did not display the behavior of an arrogant control freak, the severity and longevity of these conflicts could have differed.

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