The Clinical Treatment Of The Problem Child Essay examples

The Clinical Treatment Of The Problem Child Essay examples

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1. Rogers, C., & Carmichael, L. (1939). The clinical treatment of the problem child,. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.
2. I chose this book because I am intrigued with the techniques and style of therapy Carl Rogers chooses to reach his clients. I also was captivated by the title of the book, “The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child” that title alone sparked some thoughts about what specifically was wrong with this child, what steps did Carl Rogers take in order to help treat the child and lastly, was the treatment successful. These are all question I had in my mind before even opening the book. Because the book already had me forming questions in my mind, it captured my interest to read and get the answers I was seeking. Lastly, I am interested in working with children in the future so I thought that this book could be insightful with helping with some techniques.
3. The theoretical approach used in the book is psychoanalysis. Although the author of the book and the main person that is being focused on is Carl Rogers, Sigmund Freud is the originator of psychoanalytic therapy. Sigmund Freud in the beginning of his career was interested on understanding the human behavior, which resulted with the famous psychotherapy that Carl Rogers used in this book. Freud was always interested in human’s unconscious state of mind, the things that took place in our unconscious in addition to thoughts and feelings that are in our unconscious. He believed the human mind was like an iceberg; it was mostly hidden in the unconscious with the conscious mind being the tip of the iceberg. He believed the unconscious held aspects of our personality and the conscious things we were already aware of. Another aspect of psychoanalysis is apparent is def...

... middle of paper ... common are not only the approach they use but some of the methods such as viewing the past in order to help work on the future, which is addressed in the book. Another the book relates to the one we are currently studying in class is key concepts (page 161) that states “the functioning of ego defense mechanisms and the developmental stages throughout life”, and in the book I read they introduced in chapter two ego and libido methods of diagnosis based on assumptions and techniques case analysis developed by Dr. Marian Kenworthy. Lastly, another aspect that both books share is the multicultural applications (page 161) “Therapists can assist clients in identifying and dealing with the influence of environmental situations on their personality development.” In the book I read in chapter one they address environmental influences, and home life effects on personality.

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