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Climate Change

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There is concern that climate change will have very negative affect on human life and the environment. One concern is the availability of food source. Farmers are starting to see a decline in crops because of the extreme changes in temperature. The changes in temperature reduce both agriculture and crops. The heat from global warming will also cause pests to multiply fast which will also lead to less crops. Global warming will also make water difficult to give to livestock which will cause dehydration and mass death in livestock population. There will also be an Increase of water temperature harming fisheries and wild seafood population. These impacts can threaten human health through malnutrition, food poisoning, and diseases.
There is concern that climate change will have very negative affect on human life and the environment. One concern is the availability of food source. Farmers are starting to see a decrease in some crops because of warmer climates. Both agricultures and fisheries are dependent on certain climate condition. Although warmer temperatures and CO2 are good for some crops to grow in some places, you need to follow other conditions such as nutrient levels, soil moisture, and water available. Frequent climate changes make it extremely difficult to grow crops, raise animals, and catching fish. Some crops will produce more with more carbon dioxide in the air. There will also be an Increase of water temperature harming fisheries and wild seafood population. Having too much CO2 in the atmosphere will make oceans more acidic. This is bad for some fish, like shellfish (crabs, lobsters, etc), whose shells can be worn away by acid and there whole ecosystems might be harmed too.
Global warming will also make water difficult to give to livestock which will cause dehydration and mass death in livestock population. If you have twice as much CO2, then you could get 30% more crop from wheat and soybeans and other crops, like corn, won't increase so much. Part of the whole global warming thing is that it usually goes along with an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. This could be a potential benefit from global warming except If the temperatures also go up too much, that will stop crops from growing. Most plants have an "optimal" temperature level where they'll grow really well. So if the temperatures get hot, they'll stop growing very well for that reason.

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Global warming could also make it hard for plants to get the water or the nutrients in the soil they need due to the extreme temperature and precipitation.
Global warming is expected to affect weather in all kinds of ways, so that it doesn't just make the earth hotter, it also leads to droughts, floods and even extreme cold at times. . The heat from global warming will also cause pests to multiply fast which will also lead to less crops. One heat wave in a single state can kill thousands of cattle. Animals are bothered by heat in a number of ways. Not only can it kill them, but it stresses them out, and over time that can mean that they get sick more easily. They won’t have as many calves, and they don't make as much milk. Heat waves also affect cattle in indirect ways, because they dry up the grass and reduce the available food. There could be more diseases and parasites that flourish in the changed weather. Heat tends to encourage disease because bacteria will multiply in the heat. It's really good for them and makes them grow and increase. Winter will freeze them out, but if winters get shorter, more cattle will get sick and stay stick for longer. Going back to the idea that plants grow well with lots of CO2, while pastures may grow more grass, that grass may not be of such high quality. The result of that is that cattle will then have to eat more just to get the same nutrition. And it's not just grass but other plants that cattle might eat.

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