Climate Change : The Way It 's Affecting Everything Essay example

Climate Change : The Way It 's Affecting Everything Essay example

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Climate Change - The Way it’s Affecting Everything
Tourist attractions such as the Caribbean beaches and the U.S. coral reefs are destinations that visitors travel to, typically to value nature and it’s beauty. However, these places are becoming nonexistent because of climate change. Climate change refers to a change in the climate patterns, either global or regional. Thus, it is impacting the sand on the Caribbean beaches that are continuously being washed away, along with extreme weather such as hurricanes, that are occurring more often (Feldberg 1). In addition, the effect of climate change is causing coral reefs around the world to decline (Ainsworth and Gates 2). These are only two destinations out of many others around the world that are changing. As a result, people are becoming more concerned for the well-being of the world’s ecosystem.
But why is climate change still a hotly debated political issue today? People are still concerned with this issue because of the disasters that are arising from climate change and what it could potentially lead up to. Research has been done to find out why this topic has become an issue, what it might result in, and what people are saying about this.
The first question that is asked about this investigation is; why is climate change an issue? According to NASA, the hottest years on record is 2015 and 2016 (Feldberg 1). Due to the climate constantly changing, it is impacting the environment. Specific events associated with this issue are found and evaluated on how it is impacting the planet. Sea levels have risen, therefore putting many regions of the world at risk. Rising seas are damaging important buildings such as the city of Venice. Extreme flooding is found in many places such as t...

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... rank higher on the priority list” (Kellstedt, Zahran, and Vedlitz 3). Overall, people that are aware of climate change have varied opinions and intentions on this issue.
The research that was found during this journey of learning has shown how much of an affect climate change has on the world’s ecosystem. Not only does it affect the nature world but it affects the human population as well. The health of animals will diminish as time goes on and the beautiful destinations created by nature will disappear. As for the human population, it puts those that are near water in danger. Developments of society such as buildings, bridges, and other manmade structures have been destroyed and will continue in that direction. The raising awareness of this issue is a chance for people to take action and choose the correct decisions to have a positive future for the environment.

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