Essay about Climate Change Is Real and We Need to Address It

Essay about Climate Change Is Real and We Need to Address It

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Climate change, no matter who you ask, is either real or a factious phenomenon that has been altering our planet at an alarming rate. With temperatures rising, weather events becoming more dangerous, and ecosystems suffering climate change can be viewed as a problem that is real. One of the places that is under the climate change gun, is a delicate ecosystem in Northern Minnesota. In Northern Minnesota two of the state’s biggest ecosystems come together and create a very delicate transitional zone called the prairie-forest ecotone. In this zone the vast conifer and deciduous forests transition into tallgrass prairie, an area where climate change can have a big impact on plant and wildlife communities, disturbance regimes and forest succession. As the climate continues to change numerous species will be under the climate change gun and will continue to be negatively affected.
Currently, in Minnesota temperatures are rising at an alarming rate and predictions are calling for an increase of 1.5°C to 2°F in spring and summer temperatures as early as 2025-2035 and winter and fall temperatures are also expected to rise as much as 5°C to 8°C (Lenarz et al 2009). With the rising temperatures many species that need and depend on the cooler temperatures are beginning to suffer. The transition zone in Minnesota is an area full of a delicate mix of tree and grass communities that need specific temperatures, growing season lengths, and natural disturbances to maintain the delicate balance. To help maintain the balance of plant communities, many studies have reveled large and continued changes in the distribution and abundance of various plant taxa in response to climatic change (Umbanhowar Jr, 2004). The biggest occurrence that is happening ...

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...emperatures. In 2007 an aerial survey of moose populations showed a substantial decline because of climate change and malnutrition (Lenarz 2008). Climate change in wildlife species is a cumulative process that is changing the health of the moose that could possible lead to very serious illness or death.
Climate change is ushering in a host of changes in the plant and wildlife community along with these changes normal disturbance regimes and forest succession are shifting as well. Increased heat and decreased moisture have ushered in a new era of grasslands in the area and along with that have increased the threat of fire to the area. As more fires are seen small trees have no change to grow and remain forage for small to medium sized herbivores. But fire is not the only disturbance occurring in this area and comes in second of most concern, compared to the beetle.

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