Essay on The Climate Change Conference At Paris

Essay on The Climate Change Conference At Paris

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The Climate Change Conference in Paris is another vital opportunity for the leaders of different countries to decide the future conditions of Planet Earth. Its primary goal is to achieve a legally binding agreement with Universal participation and to keep Global Warming below the threshold of 2 degrees Celsius. As world leaders gather for this International forum, with their national interests in mind, it is not going to be easy to reach and conclude this meeting with a unanimous decision. The two powerful Countries, i.e. United States and China are the largest contributors for CO2 emissions and less developed countries have criticized their approach and used the argument that if they were allowed to emit such large numbers for their development, it is our turn now to do it. Sadly this approach is not sustainable and better options need to be proposed. There are certainly rich and poor countries present today that can do very little towards Climate Change without the help of the wider International community, and the effects of the present emissions are felt more strongly in these poor countries rather than the States emitting them. The President of United States of America, Barack Obama rightly said the efforts to stem Global Warming cannot serve only the interests of the most powerful, in the context of island nations who are at risk from rising sea levels, increasing the risk of severe floods.
Furthermore, he urged an agreement to help save these nations and the State department pledged 248 million dollars to help these least developed countries move forward. These inflow of money can prove to be effective if it is used in the right and proper manner, since in third world countries, Corruption is so rampant and not seen it co...

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... to achieve. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi says they will do the same. It is important to analyze India’s role in this meeting, a country filled with potential as a rising power. The country looms as the most difficult single challenge to those aiming to balance justice with a safe climate. After the 2009 talks richer countries responded to India by promising a raise of 100 billion dollars a year by 2020 to help poorer ones become greener. Currently Chennai, the third largest city of India is experiencing a major flood which has displaced thousands and stopped the normal way of life.
To conclude, the biggest challenge in Paris is not to set emission targets, it is to overcome the idea that economic development is in conflict with climate change and if leaders could begin to look at it from this perspective, there would be more hope for a better future.

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