Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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At the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 the “Big Four” meet to settle terms of peace. Britain and France wanted to punish Germany, Italy wanted money or land, and the United States wanted to heal wounds through Wilson’s League of Nations. There was a discussion about whether the United Sates wanted to accept the Treaty Versailles or not. President Wilson wanted the League of Nations to “end all wars”. It was not the influence of the opposing forces of the U.S., conservative or liberal, that led to the absolute defeat of the Treaty of Versailles, but rather the political unawareness, incapability, and stubbornness of President Woodrow Wilson. In the United States there was a lot of opposition to the Treaty as well as the rest of the world. The public had a problem with the treaty and its questionable clauses. At the beginning of the war Americans had been promised that the war would end “moralize nationalism”, but the treaty did not reach their expectations (Doc B). The treaty wanted to use force to destroy force, use militarism to prevent militarism, etc. (Doc A) . Americans were ...

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