Essay on The Classroom Teacher 's Technology Survival Guide

Essay on The Classroom Teacher 's Technology Survival Guide

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Technology is evolving our ever changing world. It allows us to complete tasks quicker and easier, communicate with others instantly, and share information easier than ever. But how reliable is technology and are students given the opportunity to thoroughly learn about it? Chapter one of the text, The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide, describes how administrators limits both teachers and students use of technology in the classroom.
“Society is asking schools to accomplish two difficult goals: (1) guarantee that every student has basic skills, and (2) prepare an even larger number of graduates for a knowledge-based economy that requires workers who are self-motivated, can solve genuine problems, can communicate well, have the interpersonal skills to work collaboratively and can upgrade their skills by purposely continuing to learn” (Johnson, 2012, p 20). I believe we are setting up schools to fail in this regard and many schools do not have the resources to accomplish this feat. But technology is dominating our society and we need to address it and adapt.
Technology is everywhere; in the home, office, restaurant and the classroom. As teachers, we need to begin to embrace this technology and apply it to our students’ lives. But this begins with the teacher’s attitude and according to Johnson, “attitude plays a major part in any change effort” (Johnson, 2012, p 8). Teachers have to be willing to change their teaching style for the benefit of the children. Technology is the new way of life and students need to prepare with it before entering the real world and any unwillingness from teachers to adapt to technology can hinder the students’ learning and future. But teachers need support and the freedom to effectively lea...

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...ignificant amount of time to learn these concepts and without continuously practicing them, students will soon forget.
Teaching specific skills such as using Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft excel or other basic, every day functions of a computer or any other type of technology has to be applied to real world concepts. Application to real world situations will help them understand the meaning of “why?” they are learning this skill, “all students should acquire such skills, these skills are somewhat meaningless and soon forgotten if not applied to a purpose (Johnson, 2012, p 23).
Although technology can improve our lives and make everyday activities easier to accomplish it still has its drawbacks. For instance, it cannot be fully utilized if not properly taught and school administrators are sometimes at fault for this. Security concerns, budgeting and la

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